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Several times a month I run into people of extraordinary talent who are looking to change jobs, move up the ladder or due to no fault of their own, need to find a new job.    I’m going to highlight them on my webpage, which links to facebook and linkedin, and thus give these folks the exposure they deserve!   Today’s job seeker is Ms. Alexandra McPhee!

Alexandra currently serves as Legislative Counsel to Senator Roy Blunt (R-MO).   He is a senior Member of the GOP Leadership in the Senate but has announced this is last term and will be retiring next year.   I’ve met with Alexandra and she has some great experience under her belt, including:

  • A BA degree from William and Mary
  • Her JD law degree and clerking for my good friend the Hon. Federal Judge Henry Hudson in Richmond,VA and Judge Arthur Kelsey in the Supreme Court of Virginia; and
  • Her legislative knowledge, legal abilities and work for Senator Blunt.

I highly recommend Alexandra for a Hill Chief of Staff position or senior Committee staff or she would also make a great lobbyist!    If you have an interest in seeing her resume or meeting her, please let me know.

Rob Hartwell